Sorrento East - SET 089 - 8 metres


8 metres





SET 089

Fabulous location without the price tag of the Sorrento Sailing Couta Boat mooring ground. This mooring is located 450m west of the Sailing Club, 150m east of St. Pauls Road and just 235m off the beach with plenty of water at low tide (approximately 3m).

It is a strong 3 anchor mooring and is well protected from heavy seas and is definitely a mooring you could confidently leave a boat on all year round. If you live in the general area of St. Pauls Road/Erlandson Avenue and want a conveniently located mooring then this is the one for you.

Co-ordinates are S 38 20 451 E 144 45 146

Serviced by Heath Cameron of Mullies Underwater Services and an up to date mooring report will be provided at the time of transfer ensuring the mooring is in good condition and suitable for the vessel to be moored on it.

All mooring transfers are subject to approval by Parks Victoria.