Sandringham - B94 - 15 metres


15 metres




Berth ID:


Maintenance Fees

$800 PA (approx)

Transfer Fees

$1,750 (approx)



Situated 15km south east of Melbourne on the foreshore of Port Phillip, SYC has the best facilities for sailing on the Bay, offering year round world class sailing and social events, exceptional dining rooms, 340 floating berth marina, a discover sailing boating academy, waterfront support services and a newly built clubhouse.
The 340 berth floating marina, Boating Academy, waterfront support services, newly built clubhouse and reciprocal rights with yacht clubs worldwide, offers Melbourne sailors an incomparable membership opportunity.
This pen is ideally positioned only a short walk from the car park and club facilities.
Licence runs until August 2023.
Whether you’re an experienced hand or exploring a new venture to discover the sea, SYC welcomes you.
Membership of SYC is a requirement to be a berth holder