Martha Cove - B100 - 12 metres


12 metres




Berth ID:


Maintenance Fees

Owners corporation fees $1,236PA, Council fees $516PA, Water $157PA

Transfer Fees

normal stamp duty as per Victorian transfer of land fees



Martha Cove is one of the only places in Victoria where one can buy a freehold Berth separate from a house. The vast majority of boat berths in Victoria are on Crown land and medium term leases are all that are normally available. This is a unique opportunity to get a freehold berth in Martha Cove.

Access to the berth is via a short footpath and parking is good.
The marina has 24 hour onsite security and CCTV 24 hour monitored by on site security personel employed by Martha Cove.
A security boat patrols the waterway on frequent basis.

The Marina is serviced by fully fenced and security fence entry.
The power and water is on the berth and usage is included in the Owners Corporation fees.
The marina is the only in-water refuelling spot location on the Mornington Peninsula (excluding Paterson lakes which is over 25 kilometres away).